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Friday, March 18, 2005

Something New

I FORMATTED my PC again, which really isn't something new. I had some problems with the firewall as it kept on allowing adware into my precious. Anyways, I installed a new firewall (actually it's an old version of my previous firewall), which is way better than the newer version.

So... here's something new: My Site.

After years and years of TRYING, i hope i can finish this project of mine. This is not a site about myself by the way, but about the thing that I love doing most: FLASHING!!! (or Macromedia Flash Actionscripting)

I'm a hardcore Flash dude. I love it so much i claim to eat actionscripts for breakfast. Anyways, this site will act as my portfolio of Flash stuff I made, and will make. So do browse around and see what you can find... who knows, you just might find yourself coming back.