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Sunday, October 30, 2005

And the winner is...

...not me!!! waaaahhhh

My game, Little Yellow, only managed to get 4th Place in the recently concluded Flash Game Developement Contest sponsored by

It's kinda depressing since i was expecting at least a 2nd... but hey $500 is still $500. It may not be enough to get the house fixed, but it's still enough for the Christmas season.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak at my submission in the contest i recently joined. I am hesitant to release the name of the game, or even publish this online, for you to play, pending the results of the contest, which is about a week from now.

It circles around the principle of "travel back and forth across the screen while avoiding the bad guys" thing. You play the part of a little jacket, a yellow jacket actually. Being left alone by your parents as they search for food before the rains come. That would be okay, but because of some pesky dangers like ants and spiders, you have to protect your siblings, and yourself, from being "bug chow"! Pick up a brother or sister and transfer them to a basket located on the other side of the screen (where it's supposedly safer) while avoiding twig-throwing ants and hungry spiders!

The main thrill is trying to avoid the twigs while a spider blocks your path. The game could end in three ways, either you are knocked out by a twig, eaten by a spider, or when you fail to save enough of your siblings.

Play the game soon! Check out the contest results come October 30th, 2005!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Future of EARLSGAMES

The Question is: "Does EARLSGAMES even have a future?"

I've made a number of Flash games to date, some good, some not so good... my earlier games would have been a good addition to the list, but because of that PC crash... tsk tsk. This hobby of mine is not only financially rewarding but it gives you a great feeling when you hear people comment about them. Of course, there are good and bad, but you can't please them all. I found that most westerners prefer action and adventure games, only a handfull are really interested in puzzle or simple arcade games, which because of limited time and resources, are the only games i can make so far. But still, i find it rewarding just to hear why people like them:

I've received at least 20 emails regarding The Shell Game. Most of them wanted to add it to their website, some wanted to use the code for their own projects, and a few just wanted to say how they enjoyed playing it.

The Holy Cow on the other hand, though not that "scattered" compared with The Shell Game, has acquired it's own spot in the Flash Gaming Community. A number of people started playing it, then it's popularity grew through word-of-mouth. It was once ranked TOP 3 in New Arcade Entries in, considering the number of Flash Games being made everyday (believe me, it's that plenty) i'd say that's quite an achievement. To date, more that 70,000 people from all over the world have played it.

The same goes for The Shell Game - Xtreme, Gate Gears, and Gate Gears Deluxe, Overrun, Tic-Tac-Toe Levels, and my first online multiplayer games: Cards, Never mind When Submarines Attack, The Mind Reading Chicken, or my very first Flash game: Snake. With the growing number of people able to view Flash movies, the future of Flash-- websites, applications, games, or otherwise, looks brighter than ever before.

So the Question is: "Does EARLSGAMES even have a future?" ...yeah, i'd like to think so. =D

Monday, October 17, 2005


Hi peeps! Remember that Flash Game Contest I joined sponsored by where the top cash is $5000 (USD)? Well, just wanna let you guys take a peak at a letter I received from the contest administrators:

Hi Earl,

Don't worry your game came through... and advance congratulations, it looks like you have won one of the top 5 prizes....

Once we finally decide on the shortlist, we'll be contacting you...

FOGDev Admin

Galing-galing no? hehe... considering that there were at least 342 game submissions. =D

Sunday, October 16, 2005


This is the current logo i use for all the games i make.

EARLSGAMES Production can be seen as my own personal collection of games, aside from some other games i'm making for other companies. All games found in earlsgames are exclusively for earlsgames only. They may be seen on other Flash gaming sites, but i still own them. :D

So whenever you see this logo, you can proudly say... "Hey!! kilala ko gumawa nyan!! WALANG KWENTA!!!!" hehe

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Flash Game Developers?

Hey everyone, most of you may know that i made Flash Game Development more or less a full-time passion, after some people started buying my games and asking me to make more. I have been contacted by a new start-up company that has plans to develop Flash and Java Games for both online and mobile play.

It is in this light, that i invite all you "Flash Addictos," to give it a try... and make Flash Actionscripting a part of your lives too!! The rewards are countless... it's a never ending learning process and you'll have a blast! Soooo, if any of you have the passion, or at least a hint of interest in learning actionscripting and have a good sense of logic, then do send me a message!

Flash Rocks dude!!

Flash Games

Yo! The deadline for FOG's FLASH 4 CASH - Flash Game Development Contest has come and gone.. the results will be out by the end of October. Hope my entry, "Little Yellow" would win one of the top prizes. That's wishful thinking... hehe