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Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak at my submission in the contest i recently joined. I am hesitant to release the name of the game, or even publish this online, for you to play, pending the results of the contest, which is about a week from now.

It circles around the principle of "travel back and forth across the screen while avoiding the bad guys" thing. You play the part of a little jacket, a yellow jacket actually. Being left alone by your parents as they search for food before the rains come. That would be okay, but because of some pesky dangers like ants and spiders, you have to protect your siblings, and yourself, from being "bug chow"! Pick up a brother or sister and transfer them to a basket located on the other side of the screen (where it's supposedly safer) while avoiding twig-throwing ants and hungry spiders!

The main thrill is trying to avoid the twigs while a spider blocks your path. The game could end in three ways, either you are knocked out by a twig, eaten by a spider, or when you fail to save enough of your siblings.

Play the game soon! Check out the contest results come October 30th, 2005!

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