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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Bunny Wars - Multiplayer

This game is an adaptation of Hexxagon from Argo Games. The object of the game is to simply capture an opponent's piece by moving your own pieces into adjacent blocks. I tried to add something extra by using bunnies instead of gems, and giving it a comical feel during the capture process. Also, this is a multiplayer game.

When we say multiplayer, we mean that two, three, or even more people can play with each other at the same time even if they live miles apart. I use ElectroServer by Electrotank as the socket server for the multi-user applications I make in Flash.

Like most multiplayer games, The Bunny wars has a Log-in screen so we can keep track of the number of users playing the game. It also helps in identifying players as they play and when they're chatting. Once logged, players can see all players currently online. They can chat, and if they want, challenge other players to a game.

A game ranking system records player progress. This feature has been added because I think it's one way to get people to play your games. A ranking system will tell you how good you are amongst all the rest. And it also shows you your standing in all multiplayer games available. Of course, a highscore system wouldn't hurt either. =)

Anyway, there are four ways to win a game. 1) It's either when you control more bunnies by the time the bunny holes are filled, 2) If both players control the same number of bunnies, the one with the higher score wins, 3) If an opponent is trapped and cannot make any more moves, and 4) If your opponent forfeits the game. A forfeit happens when a player leaves in the middle of game play, or when he runs out of time (both players are given 60 seconds per turn to make a move.)

If you want to play it, and see if you're the bunny of all bunnies, the game is available to play exclusively at Click on the link here or take a look at the games section on the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Good Day Earl,
I just wanted to congradulate you on such a great game. I writting a review about it in my Multiplayer Games class, it will be handed in on Monday 3/12.
Does this game provide a 1 player option? I was only able to access it only ONCE at the freeOnlineGames site.
Anything I should know or add to the review, like a feature that is not too recognizable, or entirely new?

Have a good weekend, keep those games comming. =)


Earl223 said...

Hi Ash,

Sorry, the game has only a multiplayer version right now. If you want a single player game, you can try Hexxagon which is where BunnyWars was based on.

Nothing special about BunnyWars though, except for the "bunny bashing" theme compared to Hexxagon's gems.

Anyway, thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked it. Can you send me a copy of the review by the way? :)

Thanks, and if you have a suggestion on a cool game.. don't hesitate to tell me about it. :)

ans_farooq1999 said...


Earl223 said...

You can go to and copy the embed code from there. To add a cbox to your site, just register at

Anonymous said...

Why Cant You Chat When Your A Guest

Anonymous said...

please i know this has been so long ago but bring this game back to life! i used to play it and i loved it. please make it happen again!