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Friday, February 16, 2007

The Urban Sniper

"One shot, one kill, no exceptions."
Another shooting game soon to hit the online game arena is The Urban Sniper. Players take the role of a gunman for hire in this fun and addicting game.

Starting of as sniper wannabes, players try to tackle missions in order to build their reputation to eventually reach the rank of an urban sniper. Each mission introduces new twists to the normal aim-shoot-kill routine of most sniping games. Having only 99 bullets to use for their entire career as a sniper, players will have to conserve their bullets... because once you run out of bullets, it's game over.

Ever wondered how to kill 5 bad guys with only 2 bullets? or even 1 bullet? or how to sink a ship without even shooting at it? The Urban Sniper will make you wonder even more as missions like these are assigned to you.

Emails received on your computer alert you of available missions. Multiple emails allow you to choose the mission you want to take, though choosing a particular mission can cancel another mission. It's up to you to play your cards right.

Once in a mission, all you have to do is follow the given objectives. "Think-aim-fire!" is what this game's all about.

The game is currently still under development. The game engine has already been implemented and so far, only the levels need to be produced. You may have to wait a few more days or maybe a week before this game is launched. Do check back every now and then for updates.


carol said...

ang galeng galeng nman hon ko..=D

Tahn said...

Nice entry!