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Friday, November 25, 2005

A Company in the Making....

Just got home from Tiendesitas, that high-class "tiangge" place along C5. Was with Carol and a couple of good friends like Richard, Gigi, Dodge(?), Dulce, Ariel, Eva, Bingle, and a couple of Eva's friends.

Anyway, that beside the point, i thought i was past the "flash-game sermons" from my bro Carl, and sis Yang... only to be bombarded by more sermons from Dodge and Richard. No matter how good the deal i think i have been getting from selling Flash games, it always seems like i'm at the losing end. In short, a new company in the making.

That makes three companies with my name in the frontlines. The first is focused on backend-web programming, the second is a game development company that primarily targets local soil, and this new one, also a game development company that will focus more on the international market

A lot of doors have been opening up since i decided to quit my regular job as a IT Lecturer two years ago. It quite a big leap from an annual salary of around 150k to a possible 1M. I'm still thinking about the possibilities of where my passion will take me... but i know that it should be for another day.

I was never good at dreams... or ambitions; i gave that up years ago. I live for today, and if today is okay, then tomorrow will be to.

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