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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Ever had that feeling of being involved in a tug-of-war game? I'm not talking about being part of one of the tugging teams... i'm talking about the rope. Have you ever had that feeling? Having people pull you from both sides leaving you dumbfounded as to where you outta go?

Like being fought over by two girls? (i wish.. hehe) or two companies? The problem being.. where would you go? Whom would you chose? Assuming that both are more or less equal?

The Scenario:
I made this game for a client, let's call him Client A. Eveything was okay until before the delivery; communications were lost. No matter how many times i emailed, no matter how many days i waited, Client A remained silent. I had no choice but to offer the game to Client B. And, as expected, I had a sale. hehe While working out the details, here comes Client A. Apologizing for the delay and everything... and wants to continue with the sale.

Here's when my problem comes in. I feel that i have a responsibility to Client A since I made the game for him, adding to the fact that his reason for the delay was valid. On the other hand, i know that Client B will be able to benefit me more in the long run. Conscience is my dillema. Now i could either make excuses to any of them regarding the availability of the game, or i can make them bid for it. The real solution however still escapes me...

1 comment:

caroline said...

tsktsk...galing kse eh, pinag-aagawan tuloy...:D