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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My Game Portfolio

I wanted to include a post, or more ideally a sidebar link, of all the games i've made so far for you to play and comment on. Unfortunately... i don't have any games. wahhhhhh!

Most of the games i made have been sold... the whole thing, including game rights. So technically, i don't own anymore games. So i guess that's it. hehe

Three games just rolled-off the production shelf 3 days ago, which does make me gameless... again, but richer by other means. =D is a great way to receive payment from clients overseas. Before, i had to give my clients my bank info.. which i know is not secure, so that i could receive payments through wire transfer. The process usually takes around 15 hours from the time they make the transfer to the time my bank gets it. Now, thanks to Xoom, all i need for them to do is follow a link, or click on my Paypal button. No need to give out confidential information. It's great coz i can even track the status of the payment.

Anyways, i'm still working on this one monstrous game (it's a secret actually) that's hopefully gonna hit the online gaming community by storm, along with my PizzaGuy project which is already in the development stage. And i also have 2 more games on the design shelf.

So for a portfolio.... maybe next time. I'm trying to modify my Bill of Contract so that it will state that i can still use the games in my profile. So until my first (hehe) unsellable game... check out the past posts if you wanna play some of my earlier games.

1 comment:

Carver said...

Yo bro. :-) So Xoom works without a glitch? Help naman sa pag-setup. May account na ako sa bangko mo (ibang branch). :-)