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Friday, November 04, 2005

Raking in the dough!!

"I want to buy your games.." == MOOOOLLLAAAHHH!!!

Well, that's what the email i got yesterday said... apparently there's this lady setting up a website for her company and wants to add a Games section to it. And wouldn't you know it... with all the Flash Game Developers out there she ends up with a runt like me... it really sucks to be me. hehe

Three games are to in the line-up; yet to be made, and due for delivery in 6 days. Nice. That's about $650 more to the Christmas fund... VERRRRY NICE! ahehe I'm a USDollar earner who never gets to hold a single Dollar!!! WTF?!? hehe Sorry nalang me coz i don't have a dollar account. =p But that's okay... pupunta pa ko sa money changer, pagod pa ko. =p hehe Tamadz me e...

Anyways, the deal is after the initial 3 games... she may want to buy more, which is of course good. More Dollars equals even more Pesos! So what am i getting at? Flash Game development is a booming business to us Filipinoes! Why? WE'RE CHEAP THAT'S WHY!!!! I've been selling games for US$200 - US$400, all in; inclusive of code and game rights... only to find out recently that a customized Flash Game (meaning having your company/personal logo on it) can get you as mush as US$2500!!!!! WHATDAFA----!?!?!?! US$2500?!?!? And to think i've been selling games for only US$200?!?!?!

PUTONG-INAMOY!!!! I think i wanna cry now....
it really sucks to be me. wahhhh!!

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