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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Raking in the dough!! - Part 2

Well, after a sermon from my brother, Zsazsa Zaturnnah illustrator and creator, Carl, I upped(?) my going rate for customized Flash Games from a measly US$200.00 to an even US$1,000.00

So far, no violent reactions from my clients. I even have this one client who's "persuading" me to drop my other clients and just sell all the games i make to him. hehe

And there you have it... roughly Php56,000.00 per game. If i work on my "snail-paced" mode... i could make one game per week, giving me four games in a month... that's US$4,000.00

If i decide to go "hyper" mode... i could actually make a good game in 2 days. Three games a week... Twelve games in a month. If i'm lucky enough to sell them all in one month... that's gonna earn me roughly Php672,000.00 for a month's work.

Hmmm... but i guess i won't be going to hyper mode... mawawalan me oras sa GunBound!!! And Besides, i'm not that greedy naman e. Charing!!!

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