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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New Games

Nothing much.. just wanted to show you guys 2 games currently on the development shelf.


Development for this game started 4 days ago, right after a client requested for a Christmas game. So far everything's on track for the scheduled December 1st delivery.

You play the game as Santa Claus. After travelling the globe delivering gifts to every boy and girl, you are left with your own neighborhood. You have decided to let Rudolph and the other reindeers take their much deserved rest and deliver the gifts by foot. Unfortunately, weather conditions in the North Pole won't make it easy; bringing in snow storms every night, and making paths almost unpassable. But of course, that won't stop you! Make your way to the different houses through the maze-like structures left behind by the storm. Can you deliver all the gifts in time for Christmas?

12 Days of Christmas offers 12 levels of play... with mazes varying in size and difficulty. 4 Bonus levels have been added to add spice to your path finding routine. The game also features a number of Christmas carols playing in the background which will surely contribute to the spirit of Christmas! If you want to play the game, you'll have to wait til it's been published online.


With a number of pool/billiard games out there, what makes this game different? You have your standard game objects, like the table, the colored balls, the cue stick... and what else?

The Pool Saloon offers a single player 9-Ball game. You start the game with $100, makng "bets" on every shot you make. The game also allows you to call your shots, giving you more winnings if the shot goes in. The more accurate you are, the richer you become. Who said you can't be a millionaire playing pool? Just be sure not to risk your fortunes over one shot, or you may find yourself losing more than you own!

Future versions of the game will include varying game modes like 8-Ball and Straights. Multiplayer mode (like Yahoo! pool) is also a possible add-on.

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